Picking The Right Tennis Racket For You

Are you a Rafael Nadal or Andy Roddick fan? In case you are, it is quite probable that one both these players use Babolat racquets. And if you’re into the game yourself and have always dreamed of slinging the ball over the net with a powerful shot like your favorite star you might consider buying a Babolat racquet. Nonetheless, the range regarding racquets delivered in to the market by the French sports’ goods manufacturer can bewilder even a pro. So where do you turn if you’re stumped by the variety offered on the shelf? The best would be to consult a player but that doesn’t meet the reach of the majority of us. Thus, the easiest and best way to select your bat should be to read Babolat tennis racquet reviews, which are easily available over theInternet.

Babolat offers a range of racquets for players of all skill levels. The company has a junior range for beginners, a recreational range, an intermediate line followed by racquets for advanced and professional players. However, Babolat tennis racquet reviews are generally available for the advanced and expert segments as these racquets are more expensive and people buying them wish to get the maximum affordability, which in this case means an improved game.

In this review we will take a look at three racquets. Let’s take a sneak peak at Babolat AeroPro Drive first. This racquet made famous by its user Rafael, can help add the X factor to your game if you’ve been playing for quite at some time as well as hope to turn pro. Weighing nearly 11 ounce, this lightweight racquet provides you with all the control and manoeuvrability that you’ve always desired. The unmatched head velocity and spin that this bat will add to your game will certainly make heads turn to your side as your opponent fails to equal your powerful forehand and backhand strokes.

Next is the 27in Babolat Pure Drive. Important for any real performer, at 11 ounce this racquet produces great rate and also provides excellent stability and control. A 100 sq. in head makes sure that you collect the ball and send it spinning across to your opponent. Effective for slice shots, the racquet has been strung at 50-57 pounds and the tension can be increased to 65 pounds for better control. Great manoeuvrability and great performance.

And finally the Babolat Pure Drive Plus, the model used by Andy Roddick. This piece gives you more power, making your game easier. The 1/2 inch extra length added to Pure Drive forces players using Pure Drive Plus to adjust to swinging the bat earlier. However, the control, the spin and extra power on serves gives Pure Drive Plus four or five stars on five.

Thus, I would advice all tennis aficionados to endure some Babolat tennis racquet reviews before you decide to strike the actual sports’ items keep towards you to choose the best tennis racquet on your own

How Can Babolat Tennis Racquets Improve Your Game

As a tennis player you might have known the importance of the game and the rackets that are required to play the perfect game. You simply cannot play tennis with anything that comes to your way. You will need tennis rackets that have the right ergonomics, right head weight, balanced length and the right balance to give you the grip to play the game without any trouble. Babolat Tennis Racquets are considered the finest tennis rackets for all genres of tennis players learners/beginners, intermediate players and professional players.

If you are in the lookout to buy tennis rackets and want to know few popular names you can trust brands like Wilson Tennis Rackets, Babolat tennis racquets and others to play the game the most interestingly. Let us try to find out how the Babolat tennis racquets are perfect for you and why you need to buy the rackets of this brand to improve your game.

The tennis player knows what it means to have a good racquet. Just like football players need the best pair of shoes to get the grip and balance while running in the field, the players tennis too along with other sports wear need good quality tennis racquets to play the game. Babolat designs its every racquet keeping in mind the needs of the game. The designs of racquets for the beginners are little different from those of intermediate and professional racquets. As one goes on improving the game one will need better racquets to play the game. The Babolat tennis racquets will provide you the series of such tennis racquets for the players designed for playing the game with style, power and comfort.

As a tennis player you will always want your game to improve and you can only get good results with the Babolat Tennis racquets. You will be able to spring into action with the tennis racquets in your hand. You will have the right balance as you play the shots with the tennis ball. For the beginner rackets like AeroPro Drive Cortex Junio or the Roddick Junior are good choices. You learn playing the game with one such racquet and as you enter the level of professionals or amateurs you need to pick Babolat AeroPro Drive Cortex or something like that.

Professional players like Rafael Nadal and other international players prefer the Babolat tennis racquets because of their durability, maneuverability, and good ergonomic designs for the rackets.

Tennis Elbow Symptoms – 5 Critical Steps To Self-diagnosis

Tennis elbow is an overuse injury that affects many people at some point in their lives. Most often, tennis elbow symptoms are caused by a repetitive motion of the wrist, forearm, and elbow, from activities such as tennis and other racquet sports, laborers, and assembly-line workers, among others.

The condition is called tennis elbow because as many as 50% of all tennis players will suffer from the condition at some point in their lives. However, tennis players account for less than 5% of all tennis elbow cases – with most cases being work-related repetitive, or overuse injuries.

Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, is typically diagnosed by a visit to your physician. Most commonly, the list of pain symptoms and a physical exam are used rather than x-ray, MRI or blood tests.

Golf elbow is a similar condition with similar symptoms. However, golf elbow affects the inside of the elbow rather than the outside of the elbow. Both conditions are caused by repetitive overuse of the tendons and soft tissue of the elbow.

Only your doctor can diagnose tennis elbow with certainty, but most sufferers cite a list of common tennis elbow symptoms which are indiciative of the condition. Common Tennis Elbow Symptoms:

* Pain, tenderness, or soreness on the outside bony part of the elbow
* Pain that becomes worse when squeezing or holding an object
* Soreness or pain radiating in the forearm
* Weak or painful grip when turning a door knob or shaking hands
* Pain when wrist is extended

If you experience most, or all, of these symptoms, you may be suffering from tennis elbow.

Please see your doctor if you experience any of the following symptoms, as these may be indiciative of a more serious condition requiring medical attention:

* Pain that persists when sleeping or inactivity
* Pain that persists for a week or more
* Bruising, discoloration, or swelling in the elbow area
* Inability to bend arm or wrist without pain
* Any other unusual symptoms

The good news is that most tennis elbow sufferers are able to see significant improvement and pain reduction within several weeks of diagnosis by following a non-surgical treatment plan outlined by their doctor. Less than 5% of tennis elbow patients require surgery. Alternatively, you can google “cure tennis elbow” or “physical therapy for tennis elbow” to find resources to help you cure your tennis elbow symptoms today.

Tennis Exercises Top Benefits Of Core Strength Training

The core of an individuals body is made up of the pelvic girdle, trunk and deep muscles of the spine and abdomen. Proper training of these core muscles provides a stable base for generating power and a strong core enables the player to control the power. As such, good core strength training routine is a crucial for tennis players.

Tennis Exercises: Benefits of Core Strength Training

Core strength trainingexercises are super important for tennis because:

A core strength training routine increases control and endurance of the extremity muscles.

Good core strength allows signals to travel more quickly to the leg muscles. As a result, a player can move faster and more powerfully on the court. This provides players a winning edge over opponents.

A strong core enhances posture and prevents injury.

Core strength training in tennis exercises prevents injury by improving the players posture. Bad posture results in poor running technique that can cause injuries such as tendonitis and shin splints. Stable core muscles from tennis workout improve a players balance and control over their body. Good core strength enables the muscles to generate force in the trunk, rather than in the arms, shoulder and wrist, thus minimizing the risk of injury.

Core strength Improves reactions on the court.

Core strength training also improves a players reactions on the court. A strong core allows for sharper in changing directions, stretching forward to hit a shot and enhances quickness around the court. Have you ever heard the phrase good hands well, improved reactions also mean you can make that tough reaction volley. Trust me, youll be hearing good hands quite a bit. Just smile politely and nod to your opponent when you do.

Core Strength Increases power.

Training and tightening up of core muscles from tennis fitness drills leads to accurate and powerful shots on the court. Core strength training activates both the core and peripheral muscles, which results in more accurate shots. A strong core leads to easy power. Have you seen a player that looks like theyre not trying, but the ball just takes off of their racquet? Well thats easy power, thats what core strength can do for you.

For a great coretennis fitnessworkout, check out our core training module. But to mix it up, core strength training can also be done with the help of stability board, medicinal ball and balance ball.Dumbbells and other free weight equipment can also be used to give different types of movements to the muscles.

Us Tennis Open Winners

One of the world’s oldest (and largest) tennis tournaments, the US Open has been held annually since 1881. This is the fourth and final tournament of the Grand Slam tour and is held beginning in late August and concluding in early September. There are championship events in the following categories which are held at the US Open: Men’s and Women’s Singles, Men’s and Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles. IN addition, the tournament features Seniors, Juniors and wheelchair events.
The US Open is different from the other tournaments in the Grand Slam like the Wimbledon. The US Tennis Open winners are determined by the person that wins the final set tie breaks. In the other tournaments the winners are determined by whoever wins by two games starting at the fifth set for the men and the third set for the women.
The event of the US Open is considered to be a high society event. The Wimbledon brings in the Queen of England or the leader of South Wales. Although royalty is not attending this event it is still held up high and gives more than $19 million dollars in prize money to the US Tennis Open winners, which is much more than other events. This tournament includes more than 600 players and gives many people the opportunity to be a winner.
The tournament is held in New York City at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center located at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens. The events in this tournament are held on acrylic courts instead of grass as at Wimbledon.
With so much money in prizes to go around, there is intense competition and a great deal of interest on the part of players in entering the tournament. Winners of the championship events receive a whopping $1.5 million, with half as much going to runners-up, $320,000 to the semifinalists and half of this amount to quarterfinalists. There are smaller cash prizes as one goes on down the line. Even players who get nowhere near to capturing a championship still stand a chance of winning substantial prizes in the US Open.
US Open winners in doubles events also receive large cash prizes. Doubles winners split a total of $1.8 million. There is also half a million dollars in prize money to be won in the mixed doubles. The qualifying 128 draw events for both men and women pay up to one million – in total, there is over $20 million dollars in prize money to be won in this tournament.
Since there is simply so much prize money to go around, quite a few players go home with heavier wallets than is the case in other Grand Slam tournaments. Cash prizes are awarded to winning players in a large number of different events, making the US Open a perennial favorite with tennis fans and players alike, even in the rarified climate of the Grand Slam tour.

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